We’ve all been in that situation where you fancy your chances before a game only to get blown away by the opposition and you’re left wondering how? You know on a technical level you’re evenly matched so what’s the answer?

Here it is: They know what they’re doing, you could put it down to experience or organisation but at the end of the day, they know what it takes to win!

We’ve picked out what we think are the top 5 tips that your team should implement to take your game to the next level.

1. Get organised

Lining up at the start of game with no real formation or organisation is the first mistake your team can make. Decide amongst yourselves who will sit at the back and who will lead from the front with two players covering the ground in between, covering the defence and joining the attack. We always advise using the 1-2-1 diamond formation.

2. Defend as a team

Just because you’re playing as a forward doesn’t mean you have no defensive responsibilities, in fact as a forward you’re the first line of defence. When the ball has been lost every player needs to contribute to win it back, get everyone behind the ball and you will be hard to break down.

3. Shoot!

The pitch is small and the goals are big! When the opportunity opens up don’t be afraid to shoot, try and place your shot towards the corner as the chances of the opposition goalkeeper getting down every single time is unlikely and you never know, you might just get lucky with a deflection. There’s no better feeling than seeing the ball hit the back of the net.

4. Roll-Outs are key

Too often we see teams concede goals because they have lost possession from a goalkeeper roll-out. When your goalkeeper has possession you should look to create space so they can find a member of your team to keep possession and a build an attack. A tip for goalkeepers is to roll the ball out under-arm so your teammates can get a good first touch and find a pass.

5. Play within your limits

Know your strength and weaknesses! If you struggle dribbling with the ball then you shouldn’t be trying to take players on like Messi, find the simple pass and create more space for your teammates or if every shot you take hits the backboard, then it’s time to get your head up and move the ball. Be realistic about what you can do and help your team get the win.

Put these tips into action

Now you have our top 5 tips it’s time to put them into action in one of our league games or a casual game amongst friends. Join one of our leagues by registering online or book your next game.