Do you want to play five-aside football every week? Or do you often miss out on your preferred time slot? Then a block booking is the perfect solution for you.

With a block booking you will secure the same pitch at the same time every week.

book a football pitch

Not only do you get to play every week, you also save money! By having a block booking you will save £10 per week compared to booking your game every single week. Over a 10 week block booking this could result in a huge saving of £100.

Another great benefit of having a block booking is that your games will be recorded. All our pitches are installed with PlayCam cameras that record the full game, then after it you can download those amazing goals and hilarious bloopers.

Block Booking Benefits

  • Guaranteed game every week
  • You beat the crowd
  • You will save money
  • Your games will be recorded

Secure Your Block Booking

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Our team will contact you and let you know what time slots are available.