Bubble Football Northern Ireland, also known as Zorb Football, is a unique take on the beautiful game.

In this blog post we will explain what Bubble Football is, who it’s for, suitable occasions and how you can play it in Northern Ireland.

What Is Bubble Football?

Bubble Football involves an inflatable suit that goes over your head and covers the top half of your body. The inside of the Bubble has straps that you hold onto to prepare you for charges from the other team.

The bubbles take the full impact of the charge making it entirely safe and you bounce straight back up once you have been hit.

The instructor will advise of different games you can play or you can simply play a classic game of 5-a-side.

It’s a fun active and fills you with adrenaline when you see the opposite team charging at you.

Who Is Bubble Football For?

Bubble Football Northern Ireland is for everyone between the ages of 16-60.

Suitable Occasions

Bubble Football is a fun filled activity that is suitable for the following:

  • casual play
  • stag do’s
  • hen parties
  • birthday parties
  • team building
  • corporate days
  • sports teams

How To Book Bubble Football Northern Ireland?

You can book your game of Bubble Football by completing the form below.

Once received our team will be in contact with you.